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It takes a special type of person to be a digital nomad. Remote work sometimes comes with uncertainty although it also brings many exiting advantages:

More Freedom

Go remote. Go free.

More Flexibility

Go remote. Go flexible.

More Independence

Go remote. Go independent.

Start with "why"


Freelance vs remote full-time

To many people, a remote job and a freelance job mean the same thing. This is however, not right. A remote full-time job means you are employed by a company […]

What it’s really like to work remotely

Written by ILMA What it’s really like to work remotely February 19, 2018 Have you ever dreamed of working remotely? Sure, the exotic locations look awesome on Instagram. It’s just […]

Digital Nomad Infographic [Case Study]

Originally written by Katherine Conaway   Digital Nomad Infographic [Case Study] Infographic page header image, showing respondent location at time of survey. (credit: Katherine Conaway, Survey As part of our research for […]